Viesu nams Mežkalni


-13.01.2017 18:14-
Sunday, what a nice sunny weather today!

Snow condition is great today, our slopes are East oriented, so they will not so soon get soft in the sun. Welcome!

-20.04.2016 18:16-

We say thanks to our ski resort clients, and we remind You that Mezkalni is also a Guest House, really nice, relaxing place where to stay to have a good time.

-12.12.2012 10:37-
Guest house Mezkalni
First floor - dinner hall, kitchen, baths, showers, WC; second floor - 5 rooms, all with WC, 3 of them with shower. In the garret there are more beds for bigger number of people. Guest house contact phone: +371 26419464.

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